Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here's the picture I tried to upload yesterday:

The chedda fondue with potatoes*, cauliflower*, broccoli*, tomato*,
mushroom*, and tofu dogs*. Wow, the whole meal was from foods Rachel brought home!

Susan started her internship today, so I made breakfast for her to start her day off right.

It was tofu scramble with carrots and scallions*, mashed potatoes* (using leftover potatoes from yesterday)
with parsley*, tomato slices*, and strawberries*.
I say again, there was a lot of stuff in this meal that Rachel brought home.

Anyway, that's it for now. I should be posting again later. Bye!


raising_kahne said...

wow. The cheeda fondue with potatoes looks awesome! Im also homeschooled and in highschool(im turning 15 tomorrow). Ive never really had a veggie hot dog before, but I bought a pack of them yesterday. Im trying to decide what to have them with or in, because we dont have any whole wheat buns for them, and the stores that ive looked in only have ww buns packed with high fructose sugar and all : ( Well, Im outta here, I need to go do a little tae-bo. I just indulged on a little too much Soy-Delicious Ice Cream(soo yummy!) lol

Dori said...

Now that's a picture of a potato of a different color. Love the lemon pie.

KleoPatra said...

Looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

hee hee..I do love those cute radishes!