Monday, May 22, 2006

Today was the last day of the after school program I was helping my flamenco teacher with. I wasn't expecting it, but I was pleasantly suprised when I found out there was money for me. :)

For dinner tonight, we had Chedda Fondue from The Ultimate Uncheese Book with steamed broccoli and cauliflower florets, steamed carrot chunks, baked mushrooms, boiled potatoes, and baked tofu dogs. I tried to upload a picture but it wouldn't work, so I'll just have to upload it tomorrow. It was really good!

The Daily Roundup Of Food Rachel Brought Home Today:
Prepackaged baby lettuce, parsley, cilantro, scallions, romaine lettuce, a papaya, some red and yellow peppers, mini red and yellow peppers, a tomato, swiss chard, kale, and collard greens.

Alright, see ya!


Anonymous said...

hey! I just did a search for Primaryconsumer and your blog showed up. I was sitting in a geography class in college learning about primary consumers when I thought "hey, I'm a primary consumer" :-) I use it I thought I was all cool and original... anyway, just wanted to say that I think your screen name is super cool and witty.

primaryconsumer said...