Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh Honest Weight, How I love Thee

I love Honest Weight! Sadly, we aren't members. I want to be, but it's too hard for my mom to drive me to Albany to work (volunteer) the required hours. (Albany is about 45 minutes away.) Anyway, we went today and got loads of stuff. Each time we go, I never know what to expect because they always have new stuff. A sampling of stuff I got:
*kuzu (Japanese Arrowroot)
*lots of arame-I love the stuff
*blue cornmeal
*dried chestnuts
*not just chocolate but dark chocolate chips
*lemon extract
*hemp seed nut butter
*corn spaghetti
*Dessert Essence flouride free toothpaste (wintergreen!)
*2 pints of tomatillos
*pattypan squash

Much much more was bought, that's just the basic idea. I know some people have Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and coops near them, so it might not be that big of a deal, but I just get so excited and inspired when there's loads of healthy stuff around. I've only dreamed about meeting pattypan squash, so I'm very excited to use them (I'm thinking I'll stuff them. Any other suggestions?)

I also got lunch at Honest Weight: a hummus and vegetable sandwhich and split pea soup. Very tasty, and I appreciate that they have a lot of vegan stuff in their deli. As I was getting my soup they were bringing out orange ginger seitan and brown rice. It smelled so good.

Okay, I'm rambling on.....

In other news, I'm working again tomorrow. The dishwasher couldn't come in, so off I go in her place.

Here's another picture of the baked apple biscuit topped cobbler, this time a la mode. The a la mode part was fruit sweetened soy delicious. When we had it yesterday over the cobbler, Rachel and I both thought it tasted a little chalky, but I had some today by itself and it seemed fine, so my overall verdict is it's yummers. :)

Adios, amigos!


KleoPatra said...

Hey, pc, i do have Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and a co-op and other places like it at which to shop but i STILL get excited and inspired going to any/all of them and i love it that YOU feel that way!!!

I don't know what pattypan squash is so i'm looking forward to seeing what you do. If it's anything near as good as the baked apple biscuit topped cobbler with the soy delicious topping, i'm gonna be a big, big fan.

I checked out the Honest Weight link. It looks like a wonderful place! Glad you can get there on occasion!!

Deb said...

I am a homeschooling mom and my family is vegetarian (a few are vegan). I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your blog and your commitment to veganism. One of my daughters loves to cook; I'm going to show her your blog and hope that she is inspired to make dessert tonight :).