Sunday, July 23, 2006

Itchy business

Yesterday we went to a party that some friends were having. They have a gorgeous piece of property; I'm not kidding when I say their driveway is a few miles long. Anyhoo, within 2 minutes of getting out of the car, a mosquito freaking bit me. After another 2 minutes another mosquito bit me. Over the course of the evening, my bites accumulated to 12. I have about 6 on one arm, and it looks like I have chicken pox or scabies. Not fun at all. Now they really itch. Boo hoo.

On a positive note, they have a couple of dogs, including a really cute female dog, Sheila. I didn't think to bring my digital camera, but the instant we got there and Sheila came running out I knew I had made a mistake. I took some pictures on a disposable camera, but it's not the same. Still, if they came out good I'll post them after they're developed.

*itch* Bye! *itch*


KleoPatra said...

Looking forward to seeing the pix!!! Glad you had a disposable available.

Sorry for the itching. Mattie had some fleas and i got bit a lot so i'm with ya in the scratching situation!

Hang in there, PC!

Harmonia said...

Oh! I hate itching and scratching! Heal fast!


Thanks for the kind words and support on my blog earlier!

funwithyourfood said...

aww mosquitos- booo!!


Dori said...

Benedryl ointment for those itchy red bumps. I love summer, but I do invest in some good natural citronella beg repellant so I can keep loving it.