Sunday, July 23, 2006

Apple Cobbler!

The other day Rachel brought home a big load of apples, so I couldn't help but make the recipe for Baked Apple Biscuit Topped Cobbler found in Great Good Desserts Naturally. Let me tell you, this was good. I made the recipe on Wednesday, and it was so delicious that I decided to make another one today. Today was the perfect day to have the oven on because this morning when I was making the cobbler it was quite chilly. It felt and smelled like fall!

All warm and puffy fresh from the oven......

.... Later in the day cooled and ready to eat

Remember what I said about the recipes using copious amounts of maple syrup? Well, good news! This recipe only had 1/4 cup for 6-8 servings. That's not a lot at all. We'll see about the rest of the recipes.

I have a confession to make. After the cobbler came out of the oven, I picked off all the cobbler part that had puffed over on to the side of the baking dish and ate it. :O For some reason, my dad didn't really like it (everyone else demolished it). He said it had too much cobbler part and not enough apples. Well, in my humble opinion the cobbler part is the best part! Maybe we can work some agreement out that he can eat the apple part and I'll take the cobbler part?

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What's Cookin'? said...

I love to make your day. And, I love to make cobblers. I bet yours was to die for. (0:

Cute and paste and you will find another cobbler maker (0: