Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hello, I'm back!

Yes, I'm back. It's been quite a few days, I know, but I promise I'm back for a while. I went to stay with my sister Susan at her apartment. Right now she's finishing up grad school, and she's also working as an intern for the Catskill Mountain Foundation. Oh, she's also working three hours a week at the community college library. Anyway, I have been cooking, just not blogging about it. Alas, I left my camera at Susan's apartment, so there won't be any new pictures until Tuesday. :(
However, I do have some old pictures, so here they are:

Monterey Jack Block Uncheese (from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook).

Wolffie's BLT Brunch Casserole from La Dolce Vegan.

Starting at 12:00, there's ketchup* (the cap was broken, which is why Rachel brought it home.), golden "chicken" nuggets, steamed kale*, steamed broccoli*, steamed sweet potato*, and corn. This was for Susan to bring up to her apartment in Albany. The golden "chicken" nuggets are actually made from rolled oats, chickpeas, and spices. If anybody would like the recipe, I'll post the link.

Trio of hummuses. (Hummi?) On the left is parsley* hummus (based on the hot for hummus recipe from Vegan Planet), in the middle is walnut-flax hummus, and on the right is sun-dried tomato hummus.

Parsley* Pesto.

I cubed the block uncheese and mixed it with rice, tomato paste, steamed broccoli*, and kidney beans, and I brought the concoction up to Susan's apartment for dinner on Friday night. It was really good, except for the fact that the microwave in her apartment is in Japanese (Japanese people live downstairs from her) and is extremely powerful. We're talking 30 seconds on high and the food is ready to explode. What?

I also used it in a grilled uncheese sandwhich today, except I cut it too thick and it didn't melt. I wound up microwaving it till the uncheese melted. (The bread I used was bread Rachel brought home.)

For the parsley pesto, I mixed it with cooked quinoa for a quinoa pesto salad (one of my favorite ways of preparing quinoa) and had it with some Italian baked tofu Rachel brought home.

Besides the Italian flavor, she also brought home Caribbean baked tofu, so I made curried rice (brown rice, unsweetened coconut, peas, and curry powder), kidney beans, steamed broccoli, and broiled plantains to go with it.

On Wednesday we went to the coop and we got lunch there. They have a lunch special where if you buy a soup and a sandwich it comes to only 4.75! I got coconut vegetable soup and a tempeh reuben sandwhich. Super yum. While we were there, I bought (among other things) So Delicious chocolate soy ice cream, Hip Whip, and chocolate chips, because......

Rachel had a piano recital that evening, and it was for our party afterwards. Our friend Esther came along, and afterwards at our party we had our dessert (topped with sprinkles!) and watched a really cheesy movie, They Live. It was really really cheesy, but I still like it.

On Friday night Susan and I went to see The Promise. We've been wanting to see it for a while, but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. It was also pretty violent. At the movie theater, they sell locally made ice cream and sorbet. I wrote to the ice cream company (Jane's ice cream, in case anyone was wondering) to see what the ingredients in their sorbets were, and they were vegan as far as I could tell! I got the two flavors they had, raspberry and lime. It was so good!

On Saturday I went to see a performance of songs from the sixties. (Comp ticket, thanks to Susan.)

That's about it, see you later!


KleoPatra said...

Hey, good to see you post again!!

Busy, fun weekend for you, 'eh? Well, that's fantastic.

Love the uncheese and the food looks really good. I like your design of the fruit on the plate, by the way. Artsy!

How was the music from the '60s?!

primaryconsumer said...

It was pretty good. Everyone except for this one lady had really good voices, there were just certain parts of the show that were blah. I had a good time though, don't get me wrong.

Freedom said...

I definately think the plural of hummus should be hummi! I love it! The sun dried tomato hummus looks especially great and the cheese also looks amazing. Yumm!

funwithyourfood said...

welcome back
good to see you hoppin' and cookin' :)

your hummi and uncheese looks wonderful


Dori said...

How did you like the uncheese. I don;t care for the un"meltability" with agar, but I do like a simple slice on a cold veggie sandwich.

I have been eyeballing the green olive cheese picture in the book.

primaryconsumer said...

It was pretty good. I know what you mean about the unmeltability though. I would make it again, so I'd say it was a success. I too have been eyeing the picture of the olive cheese!

t. said...

Those hummous spreads and the pesto are really getting my hungry: they look super delicious!!!!

Krista said...

I would love the recipe for the golden "chicken" nuggets. The pesto looks great, BTW.

primaryconsumer said...

Krista-See my next post for the link and a little blip about them.

primaryconsumer said...

Oops, I mean my second next post. Hehe.