Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Visit To The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Okay. Before you look at the picures, I just want to tell you that I took a lot more pictures than this, but the digital camera we have is bizarre and so some of the pictures have disappeared from the camera. I have no idea where they went, but this isn't the first time that this has happened. A while ago (right when I started my blog, I believe) I took photos of one of our dinners, and they disappeared before I could scan them into the computer. About 2 months later, I accidentally dropped the camera and the batteries came out, and when I put them back in, the picures that had vanished were on there like nothing had happened. So that's what I'm hoping will happen with these new lost ones. Anyway, I had a nice time at the opening! The Woodstock crowd is kind of weird (this isn't anything I just learned, I've been to Woodstock many times) and we don't really fit in with the Woodstockians, but other than that it was fun. I had a good time with the animals:

The sheep seemed to be scared of people, so they kept skittering away. I did manage to take this photo before this one ran away. I really like this picture!

The goats were so cute! Some of them were kind of skitterish, but I got to pet a few of them.

Just a random picture

This goat was a ham for the camera! It knew I was taking a picture so it turned it's head for a side profile.

A cute black goat eating

Aww, adorable!

Here's a picture of me with one of the goats


Hee hee, isn't this one too cute?

Me again!

I think this is the goat that's a ham for the camera

I didn't realize that their necks were so flexible

Some turkeys. After I took this picture they had a little fight. Some little boy (I think his parents run the sanctuary?) had to come and stop it.

Aww, this goats name was Olivia. (I have no idea whose legs those are.) She thinks she's a cow because when she first got there she was friends with a calf. After the calf got older they had to separate them, but she doesn't go near the other goats because as I said, she thinks she's a cow.

Cute little piggies! (I went into their area to pet them, but those pictures are MIA.)

This is Olivia again

A lone rooster

This is where there should have been more pictures.

I got food there! They had a grill going, so they were selling grilled tofurky sausages. I got a Beer Brat on a bun (the one thing that was kind of weird was that the buns may or may not have been vegan, but I ate it anyway), and on the side I got a black bean and avocado salad and some vegetable skewers. The food was quite good! Mom also bought some chipotle potato salad, and that was yummy as well. For dessert, they had two different kinds of cakes (one chocolate and one vanilla) as well as some cupcakes (insert lost pictures here). They looked really good, so mom and I got chocolate cake and Rachel got a cupcake (Rachel and I shared our desserts). Lets just say they looked a lot better than they tasted. Since I started eating whole, unrefined foods, I can't handle too much processed food, and so the cake didn't taste good at all (it tasted like a cake mix). Rachel and I felt lethargic the whole evening.

The dessert was basically the only negative thing about the whole event. Mom bought me a copy of Meat Market by Eric Markus, and I got two free issues of Satya magazine, plus a free Satya pin. Oh, I almost forgot! Arm Of The Sea Theater was there with their puppets. I got pictures of them but guess where they are? I also got a Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary hoody that's really, really nice, plus a pin from Arm Of The Sea.

I guess that just about sums up my visit.


KleoPatra said...

Wow, a great visit, a great report with great photos and a great post! Thank you for sharing that. I love the pix of you and your flexible goat. He's precious!! It is so cool you went there!! YAY!

Harmonia said...

These photos are wonderful! Adorable! I would love for your to post a little something about this even if it's a shout out with a link to your blog over at veggin out! Sounds like a wonderful time!

Nikki said...

I love goats. They are so cute with their horns and funky pupils. :)

Love the pics! It totally looks like a place I would like to visit!

Mary said...

Wow! I'm glad you had such a great time...the pictures are great. Especially that piggie bathing in the sun!

I hate when digital cameras go caput. And no matter how expensive it is, it still happens.

Harmonia said...

Thanks for commenting on my smoothies! I didn't think they were too bad for a first attempt. THe 2nd one was VERY thick...yummy tho.

KleoPatra said...

And thank you for your kind words on my blog about my friend, PC. i really, really appreciate your compassion and love. You are such a cool girl. THANK YOU for caring.

funwithyourfood said...

great pics.
I wanna go too


Mary said...

I love animals! I wish I loved by the Farm Sanctuary but I live in the Southwest. Obviously that's very far away from NY! Sorry about your camera. I have one that was somewhat high tech at the time and now it's obselete. It's only 4 years old too!

Jackie said...

Great pictures of the animals.

At least the goats are friendly, for some reason everytime I go near one at a nearby sanctuary I get chased and butted :)

Kate said...

Adorable pictures! Your visit looks like it was a blast. I have always wanted to go visit real animals, but most of the farms around here are not "friendly" in that way. I have the exact same deal with eating a lot of refined things now that I almost never do. I feel really gross after. I linked your blog if thats ok.