Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Pictures!

Alright, here are some more pictures for your entertainment!

Me, Rachel, and our friend Esther on my 6th Birthday

Me in Long Island at my family's house, right when my mom was getting ready to sell her share to her brother. That is one creepy looking doll, is it not?

Hmm, not quite sure what I'm doing in this picture.

Rachel and I (wearing my favorite shirt again!) at my parent's antique store.

A random dance picture. Haha, look at my droopy hand! Now that I look at this picture, my whole body looks kind of droopy. I think I was sick that year. Notice my friend Kirsten behind me.

And last but not least............

Me eating my foot (not vegan, lol). You can see my grandmother's head on the left. Uh, just ignore the cold cuts and fresh mozzarella from Arthur Avenue (in NYC). My grandpa must have come up from the Big Apple that day (each time he came up he would always bring food from Arthur Avenue with him).

That's all the pictures I found, but mayhaps I'll find more.

I'm working on a cookbook review right now, so bare with me whilst I try recipes.

Tomorrow I won't get a chance to blog, as I'm going to a good-bye party for Esther. (She's going back to school in California.)

That's all for now!


Dori said...

That is a creepy doll. Love the picture of "thoughtful" veronica.

KleoPatra said...

I love your pix!!! Could you be any cuter? How was that foot? Tasty?!?! All dolls are kinda creepy to me, but i'm weird like that.

jenny said...

That last picture brought back such memories! My grandparents lived in South Philly and whenever they'd come visit they'd always bring cold cuts and rolls because they said the cold cuts/rolls outside the city just weren't any good!

I had a creepy doll just like the one in your first pic! So weird!