Thursday, May 25, 2006

My new recipe blog URL, creamy vegetable chowder, and a few other ramblings

Alright, so it's not a big deal, but when I was creating my new recipe blog, I didn't really think about it and so I created a new password and everything. Then I realized (or, more accurately, susan told me) that I didn't have to do all that. I would have figured it out eventually! Anyway, the moral of this ramble is to tell everyone the little problem has been fixed. You can see my new blog (yay! now I have two under my profile) at this URL: How many times can I promote my blog?...........

Yesterday we went to the coop I love very much, and I found an awesome sprouting bag made out of hemp and flax. Maybe this will help me get started, since I've been a little hesitant to. I don't know why, I guess I'm just scared. I've also been scared to use the food processor I got for my birthday last year, but I swear I'm going to use it soon (maybe even this weekend). For now I've been using my trusty old blender. :)

Today I decided to make what started out in my mind as creamy rutabaga soup. I was going to use rutabaga*, celery*, onions, garlic, leeks*, and soymilk, along with some seasonings. Well, I decided to clean out the fridge, since it was getting way too filled up, so I made a creamy vegetable chowder. It was one of those soups where no measurements were involved, just a little bit of this and that. It turned out a little something like this:

In it, there's rutabaga*, leeks*, celery*, carrots, canned corn, soymilk, dried basil, and salt and pepper.
After I made it, I thought, darn, I should have added yellow and red bell peppers and broccoli. But I was going in a different direction to begin with, so it was okay. The picture would have looked better with some minced parsley* at the top, but the soup was still really yummy.

To go with it, I made braised kale* and collards*, and a country wild rice blend* to be eaten with pinto beans and leftover Balsamic-Flax Dressing.
I made it mid-morning, and then had to dash out of the house to head for a nice little drive to Mac-Haydn Theatre to see Forever Plaid, which was really funny.

Tomorrow is going to be busy, so I made dinner for tomorrow tonight. Are you following me? I'll describe it now, and tomorrow there should be a short post with a picture. It was a coconut-vegetable stew that has been in my head for a while, ever since I got canned baby corn (from the health food store that gives us free food. No, not the one Rachel works at, the other one). It consists of coconut milk, portabello mushrooms*, red cabbage, yellow and orange bell peppers*, red onion, eggplant*, jalapeno peppers, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, canned baby corn, baby spinach*, plum tomatoes*, and cilantro*. I plan on serving it over basmati rice, drizzled with lemongrass oil.

Mom went to The Second Show ( a thrift shop) today. At the end of every month, they have a half-price sale, where everything is half-price (duh!). She got a lot of cool stuff, but it's late, I'm tired, and I don't remember half the things she bought, I just know they were super cool!

One more thing, and then I'll go. I told raising_kahne that I would give her online recipe sites that I like, so I'm planning on doing a post just on them. Expect it in the near future.

Good night, and good luck. :P


KleoPatra said...

i *heart* second-hand stores... i have a fave here in San Diego that helps out animals. i wish they all did...

Leeks are so yummy. I love making stuff with them, especially chowders. Your soup looks like something special, right up my alley!

Mindy T. said...

Rutabagas get no respect in this world, so I salute you for putting them to good use. I love them mashed with garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Like a less starchy and little-bit-sweet mashed potato...

Thanks for an inspiring blog!