Monday, April 03, 2006

Here is a picture of tonight's dinner. We had :
Parmesan-Style Eggplant* (from Vegan Planet)

Kamut vegetable spirals tossed with Peppery House Dressing (from the Ultimate Uncheese book),nutritional yeast, and parsley*

Italian baked tofu* on a bed of lettuce*

and wine. (Just kidding. It's really seltzer. I swear it is.)

Remember that this (*) means food Rachel brought home. Speaking of free food, today she brought home (all organic):
kale, scallions, a head of cauliflower (woohoo!), some broccoli, potatoes, an avocado, lemons, zucchini, some flour, some stale bread (I guess I have to make breadcrumbs), Ryvita whole grain crispbread, and instant soup-in-a-cup.

Other than that excitement (Rachel bringing the food home, I mean), today was just another basic day. I did some schoolwork, worked out, played my guitar, etc.
Tomorrow we're going to see Thank You For Smoking at Upstate Films. We all love Upstate Films, and everybody except for my dad has a membership. Where else can you get nutritional yeast to put on your popcorn? Not that I can eat popcorn right now, with my braces and all. Someday.....

Tomorrow for dinner we're going to have Faux Chicken Salad from How it all Vegan. I'm going to add some dill and serve it over lettuce and grated carrots. Yum!

Rachel says that my pictures are a little blurry, but I think their okay. (She's comparing them to the Guinnah blog though. Sadly, I just can't compete. Hopefully (if all goes well) I should be getting a new camera for my birthday in July. (Along with a Vitamix. Yay!) That way, I can take crystal clear pictures on a good camera. (The one I'm using now is a digital camera bought cheaply at Shop Rite when they were running a sale. At least I have a camera, though. :)

I keep forgetting to blog what I eat for breakfast and lunch (besides posting dinner). Here's what I had today, in case anyone was wondering what a typical vegan eats each day. Haha. There's no such thing as a typical vegan, or even a typical carnivore, for that matter. Everyone is unique. Anyway:

an orange
stewed prunes
soy yogurt
oatmeal with flax oil

BBQ seitan
a spelt roll
sauteed kale and garlic with lemon juice

unsweetened chocolate almond milk

dinner (see top of page).

By the way, be sure to check out the sidelines. I'm adding new links and blogs that I read. Bye!

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