Sunday, April 09, 2006

Delicious pot pies, but no pictures

If anybody read my post from a few days ago, they will see that I made the recipe for Creamy Vegetable Chowder from The Ultimate Uncheese Book. Instead of using nondairy milk, this recipe calls for tahini. I happen to love tahini so this wasn't a problem for me, but the rest of my family didn't like it as much as other creamy soups (that call for nondairy milk) that I've made before. So, I made the soup on Wednesday, and today was Sunday (it's the evening now). Well, there was still a lot left, so I was trying to think of something to make with it. Voila, Creamy Vegetable Pot Pies were born. All I did was heat the soup up, put it in individual serving bowls, and pour a recipe of cornbread over the top. (Perfect to go with the leftover gravy from yesterday's breakfast.) Here are the pictures of before (soup) and after (pot pies).

AARGHH! Blogger is not working, I'll have to post the pictures tomorrow.

Well, anyway, it was a success. Absolutely delicious. To round out the meal we had rutabagas* (remember my post from a few days ago? I wasn't sure if Rachel had brought home turnips or rutabagas. They were definitely rutabagas, and they were definitely delicious. I was going to mash them with some Earth Balance and cinnamon, but they didn't need anything, so we ate them plain), some sauteed mushrooms, garlic*, and parsley*, and some Santa Fe Steamed Kale* from Flavors of The Southwest. The kale was a wee bit too chewy, so I have to cook it more tomorrow. For dessert we had warm applesauce left over from yesterday's breakfast. A wonderful meal, if I do say so myself. This is mom's week working, so we aren't going to the movies tomorrow. *Sob* Oh, well, you can't see all the independent movies in the world, I suppose. Tomorrow we're just going to have leftover pot pies for dinner (not that that's a bad thing). I guess that's all for now.


Harmonia said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog! Everything sounds so wonderful that you have been making! I am always looking for new ideas for Kale. Also, tried Rutabaga a few months back and didn't care for it but I am interested in other ways of trying never know unless you try...right?

primaryconsumer said...

Hi Harmonia. That's so right about not knowing unless you try. You know, I found that my taste buds changed when I became vegetarian and then vegan. For instance, I used to not like beets, but now their one of my favorite veggies. I guess you never know. Also, most of the produce we eat is organic, and I definitely think organic vegetables taste better (and sweeter) than nonorganic. Thanks for leaving a message, it just makes my day when people respond. :)

Dori said...

Hi there. YOu may link to my blog. I have actually visited your page just yesterday. I am impressed with your age and cooking abilities... I see passion here. I'm glad you stopped by to visit my blog.