Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I was just here at Shmoo Blog and Jennifer was saying that she has an addiction to sugar. Well, I wish they didn't put evaporated cane juice (sugar) in the processed foods at the so called health food stores, but that's partly why I don't buy much in the line of those foods. In an earlier blog I wrote that I will eat processed food (e.g. veggie luncheon meat) if Rachel brings it home, but other than I try not to buy it. Basically if I want one hundred percent natural food, I just have to make it myself. Which brings me to my cookbook list. I promised to compile a list of cookbooks that I have. Or, at least use the most often. I have, literally, hundreds of cookbooks. This is a long story for another time. Anyhow, I'll give brief descriptions of as many as I can. This might have to be done in two blogs though, we'll see.

Here's the list (in no specific order. Well, the order I pulled them off the bookshelf):

Ecological Cooking by Joanne Stepaniak and Kathy Hecker
This was my first vegan cookbook, picked up at a secondhand shop. I highly recommend it. It looks like a smallish cookbook but it's actually loaded with recipes. I haven't even made half of the recipes in it yet! Of the ones I have made, they have all been great. Our favorite recipe is the cauliflower parmesan one. Yum!

The vegan classics How it all Vegan! and The Garden of Vegan by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer
Love these! I don't think they need a description, they stand by themselves.

The Accidental Vegan by Devra Gartenstein
Unfortunately, the few dessert recipes in this book call for honey, so you have to make substitutions where substitutions are due.

Cooking with the Right Side of the Brain by Vicki Rae Chelf
This book rocks! Not all of the recipes are vegan, but a lot of them are and substitutions can be made. None of the recipes (including desserts) contain refined sugar. I highly recommend this.

The Vegan Kitchen by Freya Dinshah
Lots of creative recipes. There's a recipe for figgy pudding! Figgy pudding! Okaaay, moving on.

Great Good Desserts Naturally by Fran Costigan
An awesome book of healthy desserts free from refined sugar. There's even vegan baklava.......

The Natural Foods Sweet-Tooth Cookbook by Eunice Farmilant
Another awesome book of healthy desserts free from refined sugar. This one is mostly vegan but does call for eggs in a few of the recipes.

Flavors of the Southwest Vegetarian Style by Robert Oser
I just got this one but I'm really excited about it. Not completely (but mostly) vegan.

The Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen
Hmmmm. Heavy on the dairy and eggs, but I like veganizing recipes. Don't let this discourage you from getting it, because it's very inspiring. We love the grape nut muffins. (Veganized, of course.)

The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen
Basically the same review as The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (see above).

Vegan Deli by Joanne Stepaniak
I love this book! Everyone should run out and get a copy. One of our favorite recipes is the carrot salad with cumin, but there's so many good recipes it's hard to choose.

Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson
A very good vegan cookbook. I don't really make the dessert recipes though, because there's a lot of sugar in them.

Meatless Burgers by Louise Hagler
I just got this book and haven't made anything out of it yet, but it looks promising. All of the recipes are vegan, and there's even chapters on accompaniments, buns (right now I'm looking at the recipe for oatmeal-quinoa hemp seed buns), and side dishes.

Mideast & Mediterranean Cuisines by Rose Dosti
Definitelly not vegan, but there are some (accidentally?) vegan recipes. I'm going to try to veganize some of the recipes and as soon as I do I'll post them.

Flax The Super Food by Barb Bloomfield, Judy Brown, and Siegrfried Gursche
This is a recently purchased book, so I haven't had a chance to make anything from it yet. It looks like a keeper, though. Especially good for people wanting new and excitint ways to incorporate essential fatty acids into the diet.

Good Time Eatin' In Cajun Country by Donna Simon
Another new book that I can't wait to try! I'm looking at a recipe for Saucisse (read: vegan sausage) right now. yummmmy!

Vegetarian Planet by Didi Emmons
Kind of heavy on the cheese at times (the author worked in a cheese shop for a while), but there are some vegan recipes. If they aren't vegan, all it takes is a little creativity. The watermelon gazpacho recipe is deeee-licious. Get cooking!

High-Flavor Low-Fat Vegetarian Cooking by Steve Raichlen
Easily veganized, with some recipes being vegan already. The chickpea burgers are just fabulous. Sadly, a lot of the desserts would be hard to veganize, IMHO. Still, I would recommend this.

Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon
For the longest time, this was my favorite book. I still love this book dearly, I just haven't made anything from it in a while. There's a fair share of vegan recipes in this book, and sometimes Crescent lists both vegan and vegetarian versions. This is a must, must, must, must, must read.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison
Just a look at the sauce and condiments section is worth buying this book. This book is at times heavy on dairy and cheese but there is a fair share of vegan recipes. Recently I made saffron (tofu) mayonnaise from this book, and turned it into a purple potato salad with saffron mayonnaise. Another time I made red chile sauce from this book and added black beans and posole. Spicy? Yes, but that's what tofu sour cream is for. LOL. I think everyone should own a copy of this book, if not to cook with, then at least for ideas.

The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Joanne Stepaniak
Joanne Stepaniak has outdone herself with this book. Run out right now and grab a copy! All the cheezy recipes in the world, plus a recipe for soy free mayonnaise (beannaise).

Vegan Vittles by Joanne Stepaniak
Very yummy, very easy, very vegan vittles!

Dairy-Free & Delicious by Brenda Davis, R.D., Bryanna Clark Grogan, and Joanne Stepaniak
A whole nutrition section, plus scrumtious recipes.

Sea Vegetable Celebration by Shep Erhart and Leslie Cerier
A good book for introducing sea vegetables (or just more ways to incorporate them) into your diet.

The Healthiest Diet in the World by Nikki and David Goldbeck
A big nutrition section and delicious recipes. Most of the recipes are vegan.

Sublime Soups By Lenore Baum
A lovely (and vegan) book about soups and quick breads.

Lenore's Natural Cuisine by Lenore Baum
Delicous recipes and a big dessert section with out any refined sugar.

Well, here we are at the end of our cookbook journey (all in one blog. Whew!). I hope you enjoyed it:) Now go out and buy them all. LOL.

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Thank for the list of cookbooks. I've just placed holds on some of them at my local library.