Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random Thoughts + Pictures + Links

In case anyone was wondering, Rachel is still working at the health food store. In fact, today was her one year anniversary working for the store. Go Rachel! I'm just not blogging about what she brings home, although I'm still using the produce and other foods she brings home.As an example of a normal meal I bring you my breakfast and dinner. Today for breakfast I had scrambled tofu made from onions, extra virgin olive oil, organic extra firm tofu*, nooch (nutritional yeast), organic garlic*, shoyu, mustard, spices and seasoning, and organic baby spinach*. To go with the tofu scramble, there was organic sourdough toast* drizzled with hemp oil, OJ, and organic grapes*, organic cherries*, and an organic plum* (the organic plum* tasted funny (read: was rotten) so I wound up not eating it. My dinner was a hummus wrap and a side salad of mixed herb salad*. The hummus wrap was made out of: a whole wheat tortilla, organic lemon hummus*, organic avocado*, organic cucumber*, organic green leaf lettuce*, and organic red onion*. So you see, we're spending less and less money on food as the weeks go on. I did take pictures, but the camera is being dumb and the pictures didn't show up on the disk. (I swear I took them.)

Here are some examples of what we've been eating lately:

Remember that I got tomatillos at Honest Weight? Well I made this sauce (scroll down to the bottom for the recipe, or just read about tomatillos till you get to it), which was quite yummy, and spooned it on top of shredded lettuce*, grated carrots, cilantro*, scallions*, black olives, seitan, black beans, and brown rice. The whole concoction was really good, but as I've written about before, I tend to get a little carried away at times, adding this and that until I have one huge mish-mosh of food, and then we can't eat it all and it goes to waste. (In this case not that much went to waste.)

Here it is dished up in a shallow bowl

This, my friends, is what organic corn looks like (I know it's kind of blurry, but I really wanted to put this pic up)

Last Friday Rachel brought home lots of fresh fruit (honeydew, canteloupe, strawberries, etc.). I was just browsing recipes over at the Cat-Tea Corner, and I stumbled upon a recipe for Chilled Strawberry Melon Soup. So perfect, because I had all the fruit it called for and I had an open bottle of apple juice in the fridge, and I knew if I opened pineapple juice my dad would have some, because he likes pineapple juice. The garnish was mint provided from our very overgrown garden, which leads me to the next picture:

Wow, look at all the coneflowers (echinachea)! It's sad that we're all too busy to have taken care of our garden this year, but that's the way life goes I guess.

Pattypan squash. Aren't they gorgeous, especially on the cool plate?

For the next two weeks, during the mornings I'm helping my flamenco teacher with a program called Sprouts. (The link is old, but that's the best I could find.) It's alright helping out, but I do have some stories about it.
After Sprouts is over, I start my job, so my summer is basically over. *sigh* Wow, I start my job in 13 days.

If you would like to see me dancing flamenco, follow this link and scroll down until you see SBC 2004 Dance Presentation. I'm number 15 on the program; the dance is fandangos. I have pictures somewhere, but I couldn't find them.

I suppose that's it, goodbye all!


KleoPatra said...

YEAH! Nice pix. Love the echinacea flowers. Really superb. And the food you made, and the chilled drinks... fabulous!

Nice flamenco dancing. That's talent, girlie. And may i add? I love your dress!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I'm speechless, really. Thanks for sharing.

Dori said...

I watched your dance presentation. OLAY! You are a talented girl who appears to be eating well lately.

funwithyourfood said...

oh I like your plate- where'd you get it??


primaryconsumer said...

Kleopatra-Thanks! The dress is my flamenco teachers dress, one of our family friends (who's a seamstress) altered it to fit me perfectly.


Teddy-Isn't it awesome? My mom bought it at Kohl's. It was super cheap, because they had all these special sales. I think she got it for 3.50.

chefric said...

I didn't lnow that vegans had all agreed that New World is no longer good...Sorry to let you down with your Dinner but feedback is good. I am always trying to improve. Don't give up! Next tome contact me directly. I'm always available.
PS- The sweet potatoes ARE vegan--we switched in 2003 to using coconut oil instead of butter--next time ask your server.