Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A quick and easy meal

It was quite hot today, so I just sort of lazed about (well, I had a guitar lesson, but besides that, I lazed about). I didn't really feel like making a whole big deal of dinner, so I just used some stuff that was in the pantry and freezer, thus furthering along my goal of cleaning out the pantry and freezer. Dinner consisted of Eden vegetable alphabets , frozen lima beans, Imagine creamy tomato soup*, Lightlife defrosted jumbo smart dogs*, and leftover braised kale. It was suprisingly good, quite good actually. :)

In other exciting new, I've got myself a little job for three days (Wed, Thur, Fri). I'm going to be a dishwasher at one of the restaurants on the main street of my town (it's about a 7 minute walk from my house). My neighbor is a bus girl there right now, but when she goes back to college in California I might be taking over her job. One of the chef/owners is a vegetarian, and sometimes, only sometimes, they have vegan food (as far as I'm told, I myself haven't eaten there). Isn't that cool?

I've seen quite a few movies in the past week, but I'm going to be doing a special post about all of them so I won't say the names of them here.

Wish me luck tomorrow....

Also, I'm going to the movies again tomorrow night, so I might not be able to blog.



KleoPatra said...

That LOOKS good!! Wow, i like it. Nice colours too. And congrats on your job, that's very cool. I like the owner/chef bein' veg. That's very nice.


funwithyourfood said...

Looks like a new kind of spaghetti-os :)


kaivegan said...

First day on the job-
Let us know how that turns out.

Waist Watcher said...

The food looks so good. Hope the new job went well. Thank you for sending the spelt bread recipe. I bought some spelt and I'm looking forward to trying it.