Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mexican/Spanish Dinner

Yesterday our neighbors were having a pizza party at their house, so we were over there for a while and I didn't get a chance to blog. Our neighbors are like family, and they understand my veganism, but even still, it's always uncomfortable going over to someone's house and not eating while everyone else is. I suppose I could have brought food over, but that would have been akward too. What does everyone else do in these situations?

I've decided to write about the cookbooks I have one by one, maybe posting pictures of some of the recipes to go along with with my reviews. Have patience while I gather my books, the reviews will be coming soon!

Today's dinner:

Enchilada Casserole (recipe here)

Spanish Millet (from The Passionate Vegetarian-this cookbook will be my first review)

Plated, with broccoli and shredded lettuce

We love the enchilada casserole, and the Spanish millet is always a favorite. This meal was yummy!

I'm not sure what Rachel brought home today, as I haven't put it away yet, but I saw some celery, mint, and parsley (there's lots more, I'm just not sure what).

On a parting note, I leave you with a picture of two kittens (from a litter of five). I'm almost certain things will work out and I'll be able to bring one home. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


KleoPatra said...

Oh, precious.

When i go to someone's house, if possible, whenever it's possible, i let 'em know beforehand that i may not be able to eat what they have, and i explain why. And i let 'em know what it's nothing personal against them what they're preparing... I offer to bring something and unless they say NOT to, i bring something i know i can eat, and i make enough for more than just me! Spread the veg word, ya know? I never ask them to prepare anything special for me, but sometimes there will end up being something for me there... which is really unexpected and very nice.

Freedom said...

My fingers are well and truly crossed! Which one are you thinking of having? I would go with the black one - it looks just like the beautiful cat I had for ten years - she was my baby (I got her when I was five, from a shelter).

primaryconsumer said...

I haven't decided yet. The other ones are two grey and another black. I am leaning towards the black, but nothing's decided yet. :)

Megan the Vegan said...

Ah...there like ying and yang kitties!

funwithyourfood said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you and the kitties!

Dori said...

My fingers are crossed for the kitties too. What beautiful ones you get to choose from!

Courtney said...

Everything (including the kittens) looks great! I can't wait to try the Enchilada Casserole!


t. said...

Kitties are SOOOO cute!
I understand the eating at friends issue well. After 15 years of 'eating different' the issue still persists. Even if I am now able to turn down invitation by my own friends or offer to cook for myself or for everybody, at faily gatherings, it is still a big problem.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Precious kitty! And excellent food dishes as well - it's always lovely to see someone using the cat tea corner.

kaivegan said...

Oh, both kittens are so cute! They're like saying, "Pick me, pick me!"