Sunday, June 04, 2006

A long post with lots of pictures, plus a new recipe!

So I did get to take a picture of the watermelon gazpacho and the black bean hummus after all.

(Freedom, you were asking about gazpacho, so here's a link. It was the best thing I could find, and I love how you can hear the pronunciation. Hehe.)

Watermelon Gazpacho from Vegetarian Planet (not to be confused with Vegan Planet).

Black Bean Hummus (Harmonia, it's from The Vegan Deli cookbook.) Yum!

Now are some pictures from yesterday's dinner. Uh, some of the pictures are embarrassingly blurry, but that's because of the dark, dreary, rainy weather we've been having. Bad weather=dark lighting=blurry pictures. We had:
* Oven-roasted asparagus with celtic sea salt
* Braised celery* with tomatoes* and herbamare
* Sauteed mushrooms with basil*, parsley*, and thyme*
* Whole wheat french baguette from The Garden Of Vegan

(I also made a clean-out-the-fridge white bean and vegetable soup, but I was too full to eat any of that.)

*For dessert, I decided to make baked pears. I was just winging it, but they turned out really, really good. All I did was core the pears*, put them in these awesome apple bakers we got at a thrift shop (The Second Show) a while ago, add about a tbsp of raisins per person, then whisk some cocoa powder (not just any cocoa powder, but Scharffen Berger cocoa powder) with some apple cider and poured it over the pears. I then baked it for about 40 minutes. They were a big success with everyone!

The baguette (actually, two).

The blurry roasted asparagus pic.

The even more blurry braised celery.

If you can believe it, the mushrooms were the blurriest, so I'm not even going to post the picture.

A blurry picture of the roasted pears.

Today I made:

Barley Bars with raisins and flax seed meal. (I used my beloved oatmeal bars recipe, but used barley flakes in place of rolled oats. I also cut back on the oil, using more apple cider instead.)

Oatmeal Pudding. (My very own creation, check out the recipe here.)

Sunflower Seed Avocado Spread from How It All Vegan.
Rachel brought home some avocados the other day, so I wanted to use some of them up, and I remembered a while ago I made this and we all really liked it. I think it would be really good over pasta, so we might be having this as a meal sometime this week.

Last but definitely not least was our dinner tonight. It was super excellent!
I made Faux Fish (seitan), then rolled it in Shook 'n' Cook Breading and served it up with some Sweet Potato* Fries, all Courtesy of La Dolce Vegan. To go with the fish we had store bought vegan tartar sauce, and we also had steamed green beans and sauteed collards with garlic, onion, and lemon juice.

The Faux Fish.

Our complete meal for tonight's dinner. (Note the fishy plates!)

A reminder to everyone, whenever you see this (*) after an item of food, it means Rachel brought it home from the health food store for free.

I guess that's all. :)


Freedom said...

Mmmmmm, this looks delicious (despite blurriness). Thanks for the gazpacho link.

Harmonia said...

WOW! Awesome!!!

Thanks for noting the source and giving me a plug!


Happy Monday!

I could use your feedback about my Quinoa Pasta Dish I just posted when you have time.

Megan the Vegan said...

Wow - so much food! It all looks wonderful. I have wanted to make a baked pear dish for a while now...but I keep eating the ripe pears~!

funwithyourfood said...

I LOVE the fish plate. Where did you get it?


primaryconsumer said...

Thanks everyone! Teddy, I got the fish plates at a thrift shop (the same one I got the apple bakers at). They were super cheap, because it was during a half price sale.

Dori said...

When you say LONG post, you meant LONG post! And a great one I say.

I heart black bean hummous!