Wednesday, May 10, 2006

An Exciting Wednesday

Okay, so today was very exciting, in the sense that we got some cool free food from a health food store we go to (not the one Rachel works at); the stuff is kind of old though. This week, the owner gave us potato starch, tapioca pearls (this is the kind you make tapioca pudding with, right?), something that's labeled white rice cakes, except they aren't round like the kind of rice cake I think of, instead it's a weird kind of circular rectangle (yeah, that makes a lot of sense, lol). I'll just have to take a picture (outside, kai!) tomorrow, so you all can see. We also got some kind of vermicelli (it says green bean thread), and what I thought was canned bamboo shoots, but upon further investigation, found out was canned baby corn. Yay, the canned baby corn was so exciting! Sometime soon I'm going to make coconut-vegetable stew with it.

Alright, it's time for The Daily Roundup Of Food Rachel Brought Home Today:
swiss chard, kale, about 10 Odwalla juices (different flavors, one is an omega-3 berry one, some are pomegranate berrry, and some are blackberry), what seems like 50 pounds of potatoes (we are on potato overload, she just keeps bringing more home!), loads of tomatoes, celery hearts, strawberries, cilantro, basil, curly and flat leaf parsley, bananas (we are on banana overload too!), broccoli, leeks, red onion, a tub of tofu, and that may be it.

Okay, here's what we had for dinner tonight:

A salad made from lettuce*, cucumber*, cherry tomatoes*, baby carrots*, red onion*, and nutritional yeast (with lemon-shoyu dressing that's not on it yet).

Yummy potato and mushroom patties. I used this recipe, but I broiled them instead of frying.
I tasted one plain after it was done, and it was pretty good, but I felt like it needed a sauce, so I mixed together some canola mayonnaise (free from the health food store that gives us expired food), flax oil, braggs, lemon juice, and garlic powder. Mom and I liked it better with the dipping sauce, but Rachel liked it better plain.

This is Creamy Cauliflower Soup. I added dill to it, and it was Dillicious. Yes, that was very corny:)

I might add that there are some potato and mushroom patties left, and we're going to eat them in the morning along side some scrambled tofu and Odwalla juice. I should have some pictures..........

See you tomorrow!

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KaiVegan said...


The salad looks very refreshing and the soup sounds very good. I supposed you could call it "Dillicious" Creamy Cauliflower Soup?