Friday, April 07, 2006

Rotten apples, musicals, and food

When Rachel gives you rotten apples, what do you do? (As opposed to the when life gives you lemons-make lemonade question.) You make applesauce, of course. That's what I have to make later.

Tonight Rachel and I are going to the high school to see their musical. This year their doing The Wizard of Oz. One of our family friends is directing it (as she did for the musical last year), so that should be cool. I won't be making any food today because there's a lot of leftovers in the fridge. But tomorrow, I'll be making brunch. Mom, dad, and Susan are going to a maple festival and are going to eat at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast (decidedly unvegan). Rachel and I are going to enjoy our delicious cruelty free, healthy breakfast. I plan on serving some kind of pancake recipe (with maple syrup), homemade applesauce, "sausage patties", (homemade using the recipe from Flavors of The Southwest by Robert Oser, and maybe, just maybe, some gravy, along with some ricemilk and teechino. Yum!

Mom and Susan just left to volunteer at The Second Show, a thrift store in Hudson. Mom volunteers there once a month, and we go in there a lot. The Second Show is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. We get a lot of houseware stuff there. In fact, that's where a lot of the plates and serving dishes in my pictures are from. (Along with garage sale buys.) We love The Second Show!

I guess I should go do some schoolwork. See y'all.


KaiVegan said...

So do you cook for everybody then? I haven't read much of your previous entries, but am really curious of how you became vegan. I'd love to read that story and I'm sure my dd-Aliyah would too!

Harmonia said...

Your family and friends sound nice!

I, as Kai, am looking forward to more of your lovely vegan/vegan food posts!


primaryconsumer said...

kaivegan- For the most part, yes, I cook for everyone. My dad is working out of town right now, but when he's home he normally doesn't eat what I cook. :(

As for why I am a vegan, I'll write a post about that soon.

Everyone- Thank you all for reading my blog!

gamín said...

hey love thanks for the link, and yes, you're added too. I'm going to e-mail you a few pics for your amusement. And don't worry, modeling is complete bullshit that tries to rip you off for as much money as possible. But if you find the right agent, it can be fun. Don't worry about height. And you're young! I grew an inch and a half as a junior in high school. I see a lot of girls who are 5'8 put 5'9.5 on their cards...

gamín said...

oh no I can't find your e-mail address. Ummm here are a couple photos online.
blah really awful. I'm a bad model. Hope they provide some amusement anyway. Ciao.