Monday, April 17, 2006

Macrobiotic Monday

This is a picture of tonight's dinner. The theme was Macrobiotic Monday, so we had:

A Rice and Vegetable casserole consisting of short grain brown rice, roasted eggplant* (I know, this isn't included in a strict macrobiotic diet, but Rachel brought some home and I needed to use it up), steamed broccoli*, steamed carrots and daikon radish, and Miso Tahini Sauce from Ecological cooking. This was garnished with scallions*. Yummy!
(This is in the casserole dish in the picture.) You can't really see it too well, but it was layered and it looked really cool.

To the right of the casserole dish is some steamed kale*, and in front of the kale is some lemon and shoyu to go on it.

In the middle are some adzuki beans, and to the left are the scallions* for the casserole.

Simple, yet satisfying.

(Insert drumroll here) It's now time for the Daily Roundup of Food Rachel Brings Home. Today she brought home:
kale, swiss chard, broccoli, tomatoes, prepackaged baby greens, potatoes, avocadoes, parsley, cilantro, rutabagas, horseradish root (any suggestions on how to use this?), zucchini, and lettuce. The world is ending! Rachel didn't bring home any collards! LOL.

Speaking of Rachel, tomorrow is her birthday. Susan and I sent her like, 10 e-cards from Hallmark. We made a whole story up and it's hilarious! Hehe. Anyway, tomorrow I'm making a Birthday meal for her (I can't tell you what it is though, in case she reads this before tomorrow's dinner). It's going to be really cool though, so come back and see!

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