Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am a neglectful blogger

I've been a neglectful blogger for the past couple of days. Please forgive me and come back. I do have a valid excuse, though, as I have been obsessed with the Post Punk Kitchen forums for a couple of days now. Here are the pictures I couldn't upload the other day.

Faux egg salad from How It All Vegan (with a few minor changes)

Curried Lentils and Rice stuffed in portabello mushrooms.

On Tuesday I made Whole Wheat English Muffin Bread from Ecological Cooking, and it was delicious. It was even more delicious with some Earth Balance melted on it. :)
I didn't get a picture of it though.
I also made a simple vegetable soup. When I say simple, I mean simple. (All it had in it was carrots,potatoes,leeks, and water.) It doesn't sound too appetizing, but it was good for my taste and that's all that matters.)

Here's tonight's dinner:

A big salad and a frittata.

The Salad (from The Passionate Vegetarian) ended up being way to pungent because there was a whole head of garlic in it, but not too much lettuce. I was going to use prepackaged lettuce that Rachel brought home but half of the containers were already rotten, even though they don't expire till tomorrow. So I could only use about half the lettuce I normally use when I make it. Rachel's taking the leftover salad for lunch tomorrow (mixed in with other loose leaf lettuce).

Moving on to the frittata:

This was adapted from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.
I made it using white beans (in the recipe you can use tofu or white beans). In it there's potato*, green pepper*, broccoli*, and cherry tomatoes*, and then a blended mixture consisting of white beans, flour, onion and garlic powder, nutritional yeast, arrowroot, and water to help blend it. (I didn't think my blender was going to make it, because two or three times it just stopped. I do have a new blender though, I just haven't gotten around to reading the manual.)

Here it is plated and ready to go with half of an Ezekial English Muffin. I love the English Muffins. Has anybody else had them?

Just in case anyone forgot, this (*) means Rachel brought it home.

Which brings me to The Daily Roundup of Food Rachel Brought Home. Today she brought home:
Swiss chard, collards, (no kale!), red peppers, lettuce, two mushy apples, a papaya that is seriously warped, some leeks, and some broccoli. She brought stuff home all the others days that I didn't blog, but I forget what that was.

I going to be making Italianish food tomorrow, so come back to see what I made! As for me, I'm off to the PPK forum. :)


KaiVegan said...

I guess you could call me a neglectful blogger, too:(
I have not tried Eze. english muffins, but now I want to!

Harmonia said...

Stuffed Portabello's...I'm there!