Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm so bummed. Even though I don't know how to post pictures yet, I've been taking them so I can post them at a later date. Last night I went to put them (from the digital camera) on the computer and they weren't there! Somehow they got erased:(
There goes a picture of yesterday's beautiful looking (and tasting) dinner. I did take a picture of today's dinner though. Today for dinner we had a gravy made out of:
sauteed mushrooms*, onions, garlic* and peppers with Imagine creamy mushroom soup (with some paprika and pepper) thickened with flour, parsley*, dill, scallions*, and tofu sour cream. We had this over wild rice* cooked in mushroom broth and baked tofu*. On the side we had steamed broccoli* and raw carrot rounds. If I ever figure out how to put pictures on my blog I'm going to post a picture of this dinner. It was pretty good but not great ( I think it looks better than it tasted, but I'm not complaining). By the way, after I took the picture I gave the carrot rounds to my sisters because I have braces and can't eat anything hard or crunchy:( I'm just kidding about the frown, I really don't mind having braces. They should be off soon anyway. My orthodontist is a genius! Bye.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on starting a blog! I'm hoping to start one in May once my schedule eases up a bit.

Question for you and your family eat dinner together, or do you eat on your own?

Also, you mentioned a chickpea tuna salad...I'm confused...did you use vegan tuna and where did you get it?


primaryconsumer said...

Hi, Crystal. Sorry it took so long for me to get back! I didn't realize until today (3/30) that anybody had left me comments. :o Regarding your question about whether we eat together: right now my dad's working out of town, so we can't eat with him if he's not home!. Up until a few weeks ago, my sister worked at night, so she didn't eat with us, and my mom works seven days on and then seven days off (on call), so sometimes she isn't home. (My other sister is in grad school so she just comes home on weekends.) But yes, for the most part we eat together (or try to). Regarding the chickpea tuna salad, I meant to write chickpea "tuna" salad. This is how I make it: I mash chickpeas up, then add soy mayonnaise, grated carrot, minced celery, minced red onion, minced parsley, and sometimes Bragg's liquid aminos and mustard. Hope this clears the confusion up.