Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hi! I'm so excited about becoming a blogger...HeHe :) Ok, so this is a day in the life of a vegan:

woke up at 7 this morning to get ready for a flamenco lesson
after my lesson my mom, sister, and I drove to Hunter, NY (my sister had an internship interview for grad school)
after that we came home (around 12:30)
ate lunch (lentil soup, Ezekial pita, tahini, and a banana)
then I prepared the chickpea tuna salad that I was bringing to a vegetarian society's annual meat-out(Tom Regan was the guest speaker!)
played my guitar (right now I'm playing a jazz/fusion piece that a guy from Chick Corea's band played)
helped my mom look for her calender book that she's constantly misplacing
then left for the meat-out
after the meat out (which, by the way was loads of fun)
I was still a little hungry so when we got home I had some leftover cabbage and soysage stew (made for St. Patricks Day)
then I started this blog!

please give me some feedback

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